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Ted Stourton, Painter – Wise Man of Camelot

“Ted’s warmth and desire to help others may be sneered and sniped at by the terminally cynical but this is often the cross that must be borne by the generous of spirit and one has but to meet the real Ted Stourton to discover they are as genuine, sincere and uplifting as his art.” By letitiabrown

Ted Stourton is an exceptionally gifted painter.
In fact. he is rapidly becoming England’s foremost living artist and his work has attracted strong interest from collectors and celebrities with an eye for the finer things.. Among such big names are actor Nicholas Cage and international ballet star, Carlos Acosta.

Many of Ted’s paintings are on display at Camelot Castle in Cornwall, England and you have but to see them to understand why his work is so prized.

But if you haven’t been to Camelot just yet, do try because I promise you that you are guaranteed both a warm welcome and an aesthetic treat.

Albeit the internet can never do justice to the real thing, pay a visit to www.camelotcastle.com in the meantime and take a look at some of the wonderful Stourton paintings that are featured there.

One of the things I like about Ted Stourton is that the fame and acclaim have not alloyed his affinity with fellow artists, nor blunted his enthusiasm for helping aspiring artists find their way to success and artistic fulfillment.

The Camelot Castle project he co-owns with John Mappin and John’s wife Irina Mappin is a case in point. Based in magical King Arthur country in Tintagel in Cornwall (hence the hotel’s name) it is dedicated to helping artists find success and to revitalizing those who have encountered barriers and invalidations that have blunted their purpose.

Ted’s warmth and desire to help others may be sneered and sniped at by the terminally cynical but this is often the cross that must be borne by the generous of spirit and one has but to meet the real Ted Stourton to discover they are as genuine, sincere and uplifting as his art.

This is something with which visitors to Camelot Castle evidently concur, as evinced by the letter featured here. .


“Ted Stourton devotes a great deal of his time and personal resources to encouraging, helping and revitalizing fellow artists. This speaks volumes about the man, for he does so because he wants to.”   by letitia brown

There are those who help people
Those who tried to help people but failed

Those who think about helping people but don’t actually do it

Those who pour cynicism and scorn upon people who help people

Those who hate people who help people – or just hate people

And those who just get on with it and actually help people.

Ted Stourton falls very firmly into the last category.

A successful and highly acclaimed artist at the top of his profession, being paid for doing what he loves best, he doesn’t have to help anybody, least of all those who might one day be his competitors for top spot at the very peak of the aesthetic Eiger.

Ted Stourton devotes a great deal of his time and personal resources to encouraging, helping and revitalizing fellow artists. This speaks volumes about the man, for he does so because he wants to.

And the help is very real and very generous too, as many a visitor to his aptly named haven at Camelot Castle (his joint venture with John Mappin and Irina Mappin that is devoted to helping artists) will attest.


Why is Ted Stourton so Popular?


For one thing he is a very pleasant man.

For another he dedicates a great deal of his time and energy to helping other, aspiring, artists “make it” the way he has.

But of course, by “popular,” I mean popular as an artist. His works are in increasingly bigger demand, evidently by a virtualWho’s Who of A-list celebrities, billionaires and tycoons who are able to afford the very best and settle for nothing less.

Self-made people of substance tend to know their own mind and will not tolerate amateurism or second-rate work.

Thus, they beat a path to Ted Stourton’s door beside the sea at Camelot Castle in Cornwall. And the path is tending to become so well-trodden these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if the local council at Tintagel  decided to tarmac it and add street lighting or perhaps build a small harbour for the yachts anchored off the coast!

The simple truth of the matter is that Ted Stourton is very very good at what he does and his paintings are nothing short of superb, on a par with Claude Monet or Pablo Picasso in his prime.

That’s my opinion of course, but it’s one shared by a host of very successful and wealthy people who know a thing or two about fellow achievers – and are more than willing to pay top dollar for his work.

And if one is a Brit, Ted Stourton gives one reason to be proud: France had its Monet, Spain had Picasso.and we, God bless his aesthetic soul, have Ted Stourton.

Many of Ted’s works can be seen at Camelot Castle, the hotel in Cornwall owned by John Mappin, the media baron, and his wife Irina Mappin.


Ted Stourton, the acclaimed artist, has created a treasure trove of wonders at Camelot Castle


Camelot Castle is the appropriately named hotel owned by media baron John Mappin and his wife Irina Mappin at Tintagel in Cornwall. It is here that artist-in-residence Stourton is free to splurge on aesthetic creation in his studios.

Ted Stourton is an extremely gifted, inspired and productive artist and while many have been sold to collectors from all over the world, over 1,000 of his works bedeck the Camelot Castle walls.

With John Mappin and his wife Irina Mappin, he has created at Camelot an artistic haven for artists of all kinds: painters, actors and musicians and aspiring artists invited to stay at the hotel in its idyllic and inspirational setting for free so that they can have a safe and invigorating place to explore their aesthetic specialties. Around 500 so far have taken Stourton and the Mappins up on their offer.

The project is driven by the vision shared by Stourton with his friend and mentor John Mappin of creating a place where artists can flourish and bring about an artist-led resurgence of our tired and degraded culture.

Such a vision and such a unique project naturally draws the sneers and calumny of those who work constantly to bring down the culture or who see the flowering of human creativity as something to be shunned but Stourton and Mappin continue to pursue their dream undaunted by the diatribes of the mean-spirited.

The progress of Ted Stourton’s work bears witness to the power and vitality of their dream. It has been compared to Turner and Monet but Stourton’s,while his output of creative works may well be unrivaled in this or any other age.

Amazingly Stourton still finds the time and energy to help and advise aspiring artists.

“I never really knew what beauty was. After I have seen the Light Box, I understand beauty.” Visitor to Ted Stourton’s Light Box


Ted Stourton is a highly acclaimed artist who produces stunningly beautiful and evocative paintings that have been likened to the works of Matisse or Picasso in their prime.

Check out his paintings for yourself and you will see why.

But as well as a superb painter, he works in muli-media as well and over the past six years or so has produced many art works in various media, a steady flow of creation that emanates from his workshops in  Camelot Castle in Cornwall, England.
Many of these works now deck the homes of the rich and famous as he has become increasingly sought after by those with money to lavish on the very best that contemporary art can provide.

One such multi-media creation is Stourton’s legendary and highly original “Light Box” at Camelot Castle. Experience of the Light Box by those who have savored it has been variously reported as stunning, remarkable, astounding and spiritually uplifting. It is all in all a new and invigorating aesthetic experience awaiting those adventurous souls seeking something new and original in terms of an artistic creation.

As one visitor to Ted Stourton’s Light Box said,

“What an extraordinary gift of beauty and friendship Ted Stourton has bestowed on our world! He is unique, do experience this yourself.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

What is the Light Box? I doubt that even Shakespeare could do it justice and as I’m no Shakespeare I’m not even going to try.

So to find out I suggest you saddle up, ride on down to Camelot and see for yourself.

Then you’ll know

About Camelot Castle In case you were wondering, Camelot Castle Hotel is on the Atlantic coast at Tintagel in Cornwall England, the area famed for the “King Arthur” legend. It is owned by the newspaper publisher John Mappin and his wife Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton is its artist in residence, with many of his works fedecking the halls and rooms of this beautiful and impressive building.

Stourton and the Mappins have labored for several years to establish Camelot as a center and crucible for an artistic renaissance, offering free accommodation for artists and seeking to help aspiring artists of all kinds to “make it” in their chosen fields.



Ted Stourton – Victim of a Black Propaganda Campaign

Black Propaganda involves the use of the internet to plant malicious and false stories about a person or business or group so as to tarnish their reputation and to deter people from getting into communication with the intended victim.

It is designed to keep people away from those with something to say or a product to promote.

It is an old trick and very easily done, turning in effect the wonderful freedoms and anonymnity of the internet into a destructive tool.

The Black Propagandist merely manufactures a few web pages on which he writes false or misleading stories about the intended victim. it is essentially rumor mongering or the creation of whispering campaigns in cyber space. The malicious pages are loaded with the key words people use to google the intended victim and they thus show up in the search results.

They don’t have to be true because the anonymity of the internet enables the black propagandist to say pretty much as he pleases, however disingenuous or vicious, without fear of prosecution – and without the person thus slandered being able to do a great deal to speak up in his or her own defence.

Sadly, the Black Propagandist knows that for his purposes he does not have to prove anything.  He merely has to accuse.

For example, let’s imagine you want to find out about the Pork Sausage Company of Michigan. You google “pork sausage company of Michigan” and there sprinkled among the search results, you see entries headlined “Pork Sausage Company Salmonella Scandal.” and “Pork Sausage Company launders money for the Mafia” or some such thing. The stories are pretty lurid, the headlines alarming. So, naturally, you click on them. By clicking on them you of course help elevate them in the rankings and you then have the “pleasure” of reading derogatory articles designed to put you off ever having anything to do with the Pork Sausage Company of Michigan.

The Pork Sausage Company of Michigan may be an excellent company with superlative products but it does not matter. As you have no way of knowing that the stories are false and planted by a Black Propagandist using a false identity and in the employ of the company’s competitor, Pork Sausages Inc of Detroit, you tend to believe what you read.

Your view of the Pork Sausage Company of Michigan is thus tarnished and you are put off finding out more about the company or buying their products. The Black propagandist working for Pork Sausages Inc of Detroit has done his employer’s dirty work.

Another trick is to simply find an adverse comment about the Pork Sausage Company of Michigan. If he searches hard enough, the Black Propagandist will find one – even Jesus Christ had his detractors and even Rolls Royce will have someone somewhere who really doesn’t like their cars.

There could be a hundred thousand glowing recommendations about the Pork Sausage Company and just two of its customers who did not like their sausages but it is the unfavorable stories that will get published and re-published, blogged and re-blogged, the favorable ones ignored. Then, when people google the Pork Sausage Company of Michigan, what they see is “I hate Michigan’s Sausages says customer” or “Their disgusting sausages gave me a headache” or “Their pork sausages are dangerous if you ask me.”

You get the idea. it is very simple.

The artist Ted Stourton is a case in point. You Google him as you want to find out more about him and you discover that someone has placed stories designed to create as unfavorable an impression as possible. The intent is simply to denigrate and ridicule the man and put you off from finding out more about him and his work.

Some of the stuff, from what I’ve seen is just plain nasty. This is a shame because by all accounts Stourton is one of the nicest men you could wish to meet. Undoubtedly he is a prolific artist and his work is of high calibre judging by the list of celebrities that have visited him at Camelot Castle and bought his work.

None of this appears to have phased Stourton in the slightest and he continues to produce top quality work and devote a good deal of his time to helping fellow artists but it seems to me a shame that a thoroughly decent man she be subjected to such sour and insidious treatment.

As for who is behind the black propaganda, I do not know.

A competitor perhaps? Someone jealous of his success and acumen?

But one thing I have noticed in scanning through the google results: Ted Stourton himself does not stoop to denigrating others, writing snide articles or slagging off other artists.

So whom in the end would you trust?

Some anonymous writer who hides behind the anonymity of the internet so as to devote energy to slagging off the innocent.

Or someone who just gets on with trying to create some beauty?


Camelot Castle and Ted Stourton’s Light Box

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